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Private Clients

Our customers have in common that they are aware of their responsibility regarding their wealth and want to maintain and increase it in the long term. They expect a market-driven return based on positive achievements for the economy, society and the environment.

Qualifying conditions vary by offer.

Our clients have come to understand that profit means more than mere monetary gain. They wish to have a trusted confidant who can inform them candidly about the complex issues involved in wealth management and who meets them eye-to-eye.


Wealth Management: You determine your goals and investment strategy in close collaboration with us. We take full responsibility for investment-decisions, execution and controlling.

Investment Advice: Investment decisions are taken by yourself. We advise you on all relevant developments and investment opportunities.

Investment Planning: You are getting from us advise in all matters pertaining to your wealth. This includes determining the optimal way to structure your wealth and consider all of your assets, even those that you might hold at other financial institutions, all issues relating to retirement, financial planning and tax matters. Our founding partners advise you personally, today and tomorrow.