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Investment Strategy


The world is changing profoundly and ever faster. Fundamental megatrends such as the aging society, urbanization, digitalization or resource constraints present us with new challenges - but also offer a wide range of opportunities. Anyone who wants to successfully preserve and build wealth must deal intensively with such developments as they affect all asset classes and industries.

Therefore, the following four principles characterize the investment concept of East Trust:

Fit for the future

We invest in assets that help to master the great challenges of our time and profit financially. We call investments that meet our stringent requirements "future movers".

Positive impact

We invest in assets with a positive footprint, that is, with a valuable contribution to the economy, society and the environment. Only business models are successful in the long term, which are compatible with human and environmental requirements.


To lower investment risks, we diversify your assets broadly and invest exclusively in attractively-priced investments. By adding low-correlated assets, we create more robust portfolios.


We invest as cost-effectively as possible, neither in hedge funds nor in other overpriced products. Our customers always have access to the more economical institutional share-classes.

We view ourselves as representatives of your best interests. We’re independent and free to act on your behalf – so independent that we choose precisely those investments that will help you to achieve your goals in the most effective way.

You know the Footprint of your investments and take comfort in the fact that your wealth is ready for the future. Thanks to our value approach, you enjoy greater security. Low investment costs and broad diversification preserve your wealth and increase the chances for market-consistent returns.